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I decided to try chaga for 2 of my health issues. It’s only been less than a week and I am surprised at what it’s already doing for an issue I wasn’t even expecting it to help with. I have neuropathy below the knees and very little feeling. I now have more sensation in my legs and normal temperatures in both feet!
— D. Anderson
I’ve now been taking Chaga 3x extract for about 2 1/2 months for my fibromyalgia pain. My pain continues to be under control most of the time. My flares are less severe and shorter lived. Last week I traveled and forgot to take my chaga. Big mistake...the other day I was exhausted and felt like I’d been hit by a bus. Then it occurred to me I hadn’t taken my Chaga in over 2 days. After a full day back on it I started to feel more energy and the pain subsided. I can’t say enough good things about Dave’s product.
— Cindi
Chaga has reduced my acid reflux and the cause of my vocal cord deterioration. I have now been able to speak for longer periods and the discomfort has been reduced about 50% in less than 20 days.
— L. Schofield
My grandson tried the salve and wow, his skin is getting way better. He has eczema and he was battling ugly, rough skin. His elbows were so bad. Now, with Superior Chaga Salve, he is back to his normal skin.
— Erica
I’m at over 3 weeks on Chaga for my fibromyalgia and I have not had any major pain since I started. It continues to confuse me as to how after over 10 years of trying to control my pain with multiple medications, massage, and chiropractic, 3 droppers full of a mushroom has relieved my pain! I’m feeling very thankful.
— Cindi
Works great on my psoriasis!
— Scott
My elbows were white with scales. I applied after a morning shower and the in the evening before going to bed I use the Chaga cream. It has made a world of difference in my skin.
— Paul
What an amazing product! My goal was to have my skin clear within two weeks and guess what this product works!!! I have struggled with skin issues especially during the winter for many years, and now I am so thankful to find something that works and for a great price!
— Shelly
Still noticing reduction of neuropathy symptoms. LI also want to add that I have restless leg syndrome, that’s improved. My sleep is very much improved, hitting dream sleep every night.
— Douglas
I started Chaga a month ago for symptoms related to para thyroid disease. I have to say my chronic inflammation in my hands, knees, etc is much improved. I also had lots of age and sun spots all over my legs and hands. The Chaga lotion has reduced or removed 75 percent of them!!! I take Chaga orally and use the lotion daily. I am a believer.
— Tracey
My husband suffers from arthritis and is miserable day and night. A little over 2 weeks on the chaga and no more complaining!
— Beth A.
On March 17 they found more cancer in my lymph nodes. On May 9 after using the extract my CT scan was clean of all metastatic cancer. Medicinal chaga has helped heal and destroy (my) cancer cells!
— Terry H.
My father had a prostate cancer operation. I sent him chaga and he recovered. His appetite and energy are back!
— Lucia L.
Three months ago my A1C was 9.2. After taking the chaga extract for three months it was down to 7.8 and I had not changed my eating habits at all!
— Christina E.
I was having awful tension headaches, neck pain, back pain, and chills. I wasn’t able to sleep or function well at all. I couldn’t get off the couch or open my eyes some days. I was constantly nauseous and losing weight. I’ve always had anxiety and it was through the roof. I was so miserable and exhausted. I have 4 kiddos and it was hard keeping up with them and their schedules. I’ve been using the 3x Chaga Extract for three weeks now and feel AMAZING! I haven’t had a headache or neck pain in a week and my energy levels are through the roof. I haven’t felt this good in years. I sleep good (never happens for me), my focus and mental clarity is back and I’m enjoying my favorite time of the year without pain! I cannot tell you how grateful I am for this product! Thank you, David. I feel like a new person, honestly!
— L. Etta
I appreciate your product and your customer service. I am going to recommend it to everyone I know. Thank you.
— Jackie
Yesterday was the last day of the first week. I had what I thought would be a horrible flare. I thought this because the symptoms that usually happen during one occurred; these include swollen lymph nodes, fatigue, etc. When I have this occur I usually have unbearable pain. This time the pain was barely discernible. Looking forward to seeing what week 2 brings.
— Charles
6 months now using chaga. Works wonders for arthritic knee. Next stop will be using stronger dose. Thanks to chaga, inflammation is under control allowing me to be more active.
— Randy
Plantar warts... Chaga extract on a bandage for two weeks... warts gone.
— Bill
This lotion is amazing.
— Tammy
My husband has had extremely dry skin for years. It cracks and bleeds at times. Lotions would burn when he used them. I decided the chaga lotions was worth a shot to try if it would help him, The lotion did not have alcohol in it like all other lotions we have tried. in 2 days we started to notice a difference. This is the first time in 19 years I have not heard my husband complain about how bad his hands hurt. Now I enjoy holding his hand that doesn’t feel like sandpaper!
— Sabrina
I have been using your products. The lotion helped my eczema and the tea helped acid reflux. I am also cancer free. I drink the tea and also it helped others in my family. The products have changed my life.
— Tina
I have only been taking this for a week and the arthritis in my finger feel a lot better and the swelling has gone down
— Mary H.
Chaga has changed my terminal Brain Cancer life!!! I use 3 drops under my tongue and 9 in my coffee. It gives me energy for my day. If feel myself running down, I take a couple more drops later in the day. Its been incredible.
— Jamy M.

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